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All are Four Seasons Enclosures and Patio Rooms are made of a heavy-duty extruded aluminum framework combined with 4" thick wall panels with an Expanded PolyStyrene foam core. You may choose from a choice of beautiful textured aluminum, rugged stucco siding, rough-sawn cedar siding or our unique Duratex panels.


Our roof styles include gable and studio. The solid roof features insulated LRPs (Laminated Roof Panels) that have a unique EPS foam core. This core is a great insulator against the outside elements. Options include 3", 4" thick roof systems, skylights and electrical raceways for ceiling fans and lighting.


A wide selection of windows is available to satisfy your specific needs and desires for your new Patio Enclosure. Choose from horizontal sliding glass, acrylic, flexible vinyl pane windows or vertical 4-track vinyl pane windows. Our Millennium window comes with tempered safety glass and is known for ease of operation.

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